Tanya Taylor

I am a descendant of the Kattang Tribe (Barrington Tops. NSW) through my Father and the Worimi Tribe (Foster, NSW) through my Mother.
My work includes a range of Aboriginal contemporary art and some traditional styles.
I like to express my culture with anything from bright colours to earth tones. I am presently exploring sand paintings. I remember watching my aunty when I was very young. It has stayed in my mind how great her landscapes looked and how she always used white sand for the water or lakes and rivers.
I enjoy whittling pieces of wood into Rainbow Serpents with Aboriginal designs. For this I use a knife which was handed down to me by my father. This is very special to me.

Tony Hart

Uncl Tony Hart, Gumbaynggirr Artist

"I have been creating creating artwork since I retired form football when I was 34. I have done a course at Wongala run by Tobwobba (Ron Brien) who taught us how to paint, from then on I picked up a brush and havent looked back. I produce works on canvas ceramics and sculptures. I like the variety of expression with art and different mediums. I learned ceramics at Yarrawarra, which i now produce professionally. I find ceramic art to be beautiful and I love the effects of glazing...Beautiful"

Tori Donnelly

Tori Ann Donnelly is a young Gumbaynggirr and Bundjalung woman living on the Mid North Coast. Since 2015 Tori has practised her passion of self-expression and culture through her art with a medium preference of acrylics. Her aim is to create soulful works mirroring her inner thoughts of how she views the world around her and in future wishes to create confronting works about community struggle, injustices and opinions.

Tracy Smithers

I an an expressive painter. I am somewhat of a chameleon changing my colour and direction in a brush stroke. At times this can prove frustrating BUT always interesting. I like to keep my brush strokes fairly loose which at times (ironically) takes a lot of control. My Grandmother was a bush nurse around Grafton, Cangai/ Jackadgery region. She was known as a medicine woman. My art is my medicine, it gives me peace, helps me focus & is healing to the soul.

Tulli Stevens

Tulli Stevens is a 23-year-old Gumbaynggirr artist living in Mullaway on the Mid North Coast. Growing up in such a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, has been one of the main inspirations in Tulli’s art, this has created a deep appreciation of nature and of culture within her. Her paintings reflect the complex, elemental beauty of patterns in nature, community connections, family and her journey.
She believes that art can be a form of meditation and self-connection, this is reflected in the intricacy of her work. Tulli sees the process of creating art as more important than the finished piece, this process allows you to focus your attention while also expressing your emotions.
Tulli teaches art workshops up and down the coast, as well as inland, showing both children and adults the importance of using art as a form of therapy to relive stress and anxieties. If you would like to meet Tulli in person and chat about her work you can find her at the local markets on weekends.

Zalie Davison

I am a very proud Dunghutti woman. I was born in Kempsey and have lived most of my life in the beautiful Macleay Valley. The beauty of the valley, its mountains, river, streams, creeks, beaches and people inspire me to paint. The valley is a constant in my life and I like to share its beauty with other people.
I have been drawing and painting for nearly my entire life. Both my father and grandfather were artists and also very proud Dunghutti men. I would watch them create their art from when I was very young. I am basically self-taught, apart from absorbing creativeness from my father and grandfather as well as some technical help and lots of support from a very talented and dear friend of mine.
I find painting and drawing very relaxing and I am constantly formulating new paintings and ideas in my head ready to put onto a canvas. I am able to create using a range of media including pencil, charcoal, watercolour, ink, acrylic and various forms of collage.
My subjects are many, wide and varied. I tend to do my Aboriginal paintings from a higher perspective looking down upon the land. I see the land and flora in a pixelated format and reflect that in the images on my canvases.
I have spent time in the Northern Territory, South Australia and The Central Desert region. During my time there I was lucky enough to be taught some painting techniques by some of the awesome artists in those areas. Qualities from some of these artists and their techniques are evident in my paintings.
My paintings grace homes and offices in Australia, Switzerland and Germany. Some of my paintings have been purchased by a gallery curator as an investment for one her clients